Ebola Virus Disease.

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What is Ebola Virus Disease??

Ebola Virus Disease is a very serious illness which came from Africa.

You can only catch Ebola through direct contact with bodily fluids of a person with the disease, people with Ebola do not become infectious until they have developed symptoms, such as a fever.

Experts believe that it is very unlikely it will spread in the UK.

Symptoms of Ebola.

Someone who is infected by Ebola will firstly develop a fever, a headache, joint and muscle pain, a sore throat and intense muscle weakness.

The symptoms generally start between 2 and 21 days after becoming infected.

After the initial symptoms, diarrhoea, vomiting, a rash, stomach pain, impaired kidney and liver function soon follow. This then causes the patient to bleed internally and they can also bleed from the mouth, ears, nose and eyes.

Ebola is fatal in 50 – 90% of cases. Therefore the sooner a person is given care, the more chance they have of surviving.

Treatment for Ebola.

There is currently no treatment or vaccine for Ebola, although the experts are working on new vaccines and drug therapies.

A person diagnosed with Ebola Virus Disease will be placed in isolation in intensive care. Their blood oxygen levels and blood pressure are kept at the correct level and their organs are supported.

If at any time you feel unwell after being in contact with anyone who has travelled from Liberia, Sierra Leone or Guinea, then you should stay at home and call 111 or 999 and explain your situation.