“GP refuses to help unconscious Pensioner because he isnt ‘a First Aider’

When I read this story recently in a newspaper, I was shocked to the core.

According to the paper, a 88 year old woman fell outside of a Doctor’s Surgery, banged her head and was lying unconscious on the street.  When a passer-by found her, she understandably ran into the surgery to ask for help.  The response she received shocked her as it would anyone.  She was told the Dr on duty could not assist as he is not a First Aider.

Now correct me if i’m wrong, but you would think that if anyone has a duty of care in their line of work, it would be a GP’s. To at least make sure they are trained in basic First Aid skills.

The passer-by was given no help at all from the surgery, they wouldn’t supply a blanket for the poor lady or even call for an ambulance. The good Samaritan was told by the operator to have a defib on standby, which the surgery would not hand over.

The poor lady is still in hospital a week later because of her injuries.

There has been lots of stories in the paper about individuals who are responsible for children, older people who have been faced with First Aid emergencies and because they do not have the knowledge of what to do, it has ended in tragedy.  Luckily in this instance, the time given by a kind passer-by has saved this ladies life.

This tells us how important First Aid training is, all you need to do is give up 6 hours of your day to learn basic life saving skills, it could make a huge difference to someone’s life.