Hot, Hot, Hot so Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!!!!

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Temperatures are expected to soar to 32 degrees tomorrow. (Maybe not in the North East, but it’s still going to be hot).

We advise keeping yourself well hydrated with lots of cool drinks, also making sure you get plenty of fluid down your little ones, hat’s can come in handy to, as well as wearing loose cotton clothes to try and keep cool.

Make sure you apply plenty of sun cream, a burn from this type of heat can be pretty nasty and painful.

Be safe and enjoy the lovely sunshine, but remember to keep hydrated.

Is hayfever in the North East getting more common?

untitled (3)Since the warm weather has kicked in, my friends and family are going crazy with their hayfever. Many saying that it is the worst they have ever experienced. Why? What can we do to help ease the pain and annoyance of hay fever??

A fantastic juice company based in London believe that they have the answer.  Their ‘Hayfever Aid’ combines natural anti-histamine and anti-inflammatory ingredients.  The vitamin C rich drink can be made at home and is designed to relieve the most common symptoms of hayfever.

The ingredients consist of pineapple, lemon, apple and ginger. The experts say if you drink this every morning and when needed your hayfever should improve. This is because the ingredients which are full of vitamin C ‘enhance the pollen levelling effects and minimise the immune systems response’.

With hay fever affecting 1 in 5 people, you are not alone and it is only set to rise thanks to the pollution trapping pollen in our atmosphere.

I hope this home remedy helps!