“Children should be taught lifesaving skills at school, according to a poll.”

This morning a poll revealed that 96% of teachers feel that it is important to teach first aid to children in schools. They say it is an important “life lesson” that could save lives. We at First Aid North East could not agree more. Would you like your child to be involved in this? How would you of felt about being taught first aid at a young age? We would love to hear your thoughts.

Children should be taught lifesaving skills at school, according to a poll.

It reveals that the vast majority of teachers (96%) think that youngsters should learn basic first aid in the classroom.

The survey, conducted by first aid charity St John Ambulance, found that more than two thirds (67%) of the teachers questioned said that their school does not provide pupils with first aid training, while just a fifth (21%) said that lessons in the subject were available for youngsters.

Of those that said no training was available, around a third (35%) suggested that this was due to lack of time, a similar proportion (33%) cited lack of staff training and 23% said it was unavailable for cost reasons.

The poll, which questioned 1,157 teachers in England, also found that more than half (57%) think that first aid would need to be part of the national curriculum in order for more schools to take the subject seriously, St John Ambulance said.

The charity said that too many lives are lost each year through a lack of first aiders and urged schools to take part in its first ever Big First Aid Lesson.

The Lesson, which is taking place on Friday June 20, is a one-hour online class aimed at seven to 16-year-olds that will be streamed live into classrooms.

Wendy Human, director of charitable initiatives and training at St John Ambulance, said: “At St John Ambulance we believe that first aid should be as much a part of growing up as learning to cross the road.

“It’s so easy to learn and can have such an incredible impact on people’s lives, but because it’s not compulsory on the national curriculum, only a minority of schoolchildren would know what to do if one of their classmates, or a member of their family, became ill or injured.

“It only takes an hour to learn how to save a life but it could be the most important lesson your students ever learn. We hope teachers take this opportunity and sign up for the Big First Aid Lesson.”

:: The YouGov poll questioned 1,157 primary and secondary school teachers in England in February.